Roger Francis, Director/COO

* CEDS certified []
* AIIM certified []

Roger is an experienced e-Discovery specialist and legal technologist, who is immersed in law firm evidence management.  Roger believes in giving back to the community and does so via various community outreach programs as well as through his work as a professor (face-to-face and online) with different universities.

Andrew Robinson, Director/CEO

Director, Business Development & Data Analyst

Throughout Andrew’s entire career he has been immersed in finance and banking with a number of New York (wall street) entities. He currently splits his time in the areas of finance, real estate and consults to RGF2DATA on a regular basis.

Data Handling & Review Team.

We are extremely proud of our data handlers at RGF2DATA. It is the experience, training and diverse culture of our team that distinguishes us from others. All data handlers are certified data and information specialists who undergo extensive training in data management functions and our unique methods of cost efficiency with our handling and delivery of your data.

We offer

Data Management

We offer you a one stop solution to send us your data securely from anywhere in the world. We take your scattered data, then process the data, and in return send you organized information that tells the true story.  Data is digital, but the information from its analysis certainly does tell the true story.

Your Data!!

Everything you need for your data management, data support and data services

Data Organization

We provide customized data organization solutions for individuals, university professors/students, accountants and business entrepreneurs. No matter who you are, or where/how you find the need for data support, we can help in getting you organized, informed and ready for your needs.  Remember, organized data will help you to tell your story!Security of your data is vital to the integrity of every individual or business. At RGF2DATA, your data/files are kept secure during transfer to us, and return to you, with SSL/TLS encryption protocols.

Features Offer

What We Do

We take your disorganized data & deliver it back to you in an
electronic viewer that allows you to see your data organized by categories.Now you can find everything you need quickly, how you need it, and when you need it!!!!We also help academics with their research data management plan (RDM)

Data Collection
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Data Organization
Data Tech Education
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Research Data
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Data Replication
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Data Uploader Portal
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Evidence Management
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Website Consultant
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Trial Technology
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Our Promise!

Our services are designed to tackle even
the most complex projects. In the cloud, storage of your files/data is kept safe using AES 256 bit encryp

We use SSAE 16 Type II certified data centers, where all data is held in proven and trusted cloud infrastructure.

Simply Put!!

RGF2DATA is all about helping with the data overload we all face. Everyone now has large volumes of data. Whether you are a scientist, photographer, musician, realtor, teacher, nurse, mechanic, student or other industry professional – we all have significant volumes of all types of data.  We can help at a very affordable cost, regardless of whether you are an individual or a corporation

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