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#carefulwithphotos #datatechtips002 #rgf2data

#datatechtip 002 Be careful where you and how you send your photographs.


Photographs have a lot of hidden data information in them; much more than is easily visible to the eye. This information is called metadata. My youtube channel and online micro courses will offer more information on metadata. Metadata requires more time to explain. There are metadata strippers on the market, but unless you are a techie like myself, you may not likely be interested in the cost of a metadata stripper, as part of your personal suite of tech subscriptions.

When you send out your photos into the internet — your recipients and the internet at large have the ability to know much about you. It is very easy to know where the photo was taken, the device used to take it — as well as the date and time taken. This is what metadata is all about.


Be careful as you send around your photos in the internet hemispheres

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