You are in the right place if you are interested in knowing more about data handling!!

The courses here are for everyone — legal professionals, academics (students or instructors), pretty much anyone who handles data in some way (mechanic, doctor, entrepreneur, creative or social media influencer etc).  If you are engaged regularly with  data and want to learn more this is the place for you.

The courses are organized into Tier 1 and Tier 2.  Tier 1 covers fundamental data and technology concepts for the average user.  Tier 2 goes into intermediate and advanced subject matter around many data and technology concepts for persons wanting to dive into a deeper knowledge scope.

The Tier 1 courses are geared towards data handling, data gathering, data collection, data security with suggestions, recommendations, tips and tricks for being cost effective, efficient and safe with your data.

The Tier 2 courses in some areas are streamlined towards legal and similar types of individuals and will cover areas like research data management, eDiscovery, legal technology and information governance.

There are courses here for anyone who handles and engages with data in some way shape or form.