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I dance to the beat of my own drum with this tip that some might say is overkill. But oh well ‍♂️. So here is the thing. We all now have multiple email accounts. There is much to keep track of with multiple personal emails and then work emails etc. Well here is what I […]

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In many of my posts I talk about metadata. I will not explain metadata here in this post. Be careful of sending word documents around. where you had track changes, comments and such made to it. Where even after deleting these things. And even after pdf’ing to a final product. Either document by way of […]

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As a music producer/director, vocalist and musician – I know the importance of data management and organization. I am more focused now on my overall data work these days. But at times, I do still indulge in my music production, video production and photography interests. Having an organized system for my audio, video and photo […]

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#datatechtip 001 So if you are ever presented with paper emails, as a proof for anything. Always know that the look of an email can be created from any word document converted to pdf.   A pdf copy of what appears to be an email means nothing. So if the stakes are high – and […]

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For many reasons saving your documents leading off with a date, will make your life easier all around. For example, 2020.10.15 Video File of Daughter’s 15th Birthday. For many reasons, you will want to keep the naming convention of your documents as short as you can.   Keep it short but long enough for search/find […]

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Treat your video files as you would your photos. Your video files also have hidden information about location, date, and more. This is called metadata. Remember to use my recommended naming conventions when saving your video files   Every person who drives in my opinion should own a dashcam. Why? In case of an accident […]

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#datatechtip 002 Be careful where you and how you send your photographs.   Photographs have a lot of hidden data information in them; much more than is easily visible to the eye. This information is called metadata. My youtube channel and online micro courses will offer more information on metadata. Metadata requires more time to […]

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My habit is to always bcc myself on all emails sent. This habit has made a world of good for me. Too much to say here why. Another benefit of this habit, is that you know the email was sent. Tech is not a perfect science. Too many times we send emails assuming the recipient […]

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#datatechtip 003 – Something you might want to consider. My practice when I write emails is to use a hashtag system in the subject line. So for example, all emails regarding my daughter are saved with a hashtag naming convention that includes her name “anna” – I talk more about that below.   I use […]

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Microsoft word has an amazing track changes feature.  As users we often use it to insert comments, thoughts and track our version progression as we draft our documents. It is worth your time and money to purchase a metadata scrubber. The scrubber will remove all traces of your track changes, before sending traces of your […]

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