Hop on over to our Academy to avail yourself of our eLearning courses. There are courses there for all levels and stages of knowledge, and the courses are organized into Tier 1 and Tier 2. Basic and fundamental topics are covered in the Tier 1 eLearning courses. Advanced topics are under the Tier 2 e-Learning courses. Feel free to leave a note on our forum page or send an email of a topic that interests you for which you would want to learn more about.

RGF2DATA’s eLearning courses are designed by a group of developers that are supervised and overseen by Roger Francis, Ed.D., CEDS. Dr. Francis is experienced and trained in eDiscovery, information governance, learning/education — and also has several years working as a paralegal for USA/CAN law firms. He has taught various courses in academic and industry settings, where his courses are brought alive by his own personal experiences as an industry professional and as a masters and doctoral researcher.

RGF2DATA Membership also has benefits and privileges for course enrollment options, and the different membership levels will afford you with differing levels of access to RGF2DATA’s eLearning courses, as well as to different levels of support from, and access to, our #datasupport professionals.


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