Evidence Management & eDiscovery

If you have a legal/litigation or regulatory matter and need help preparing for this – RGF2DATA helps you to prepare and be ready

The bottom-line of evidence management and eDiscovery work, is that it is a culture of best practices and work flows that involve the handling, management and production of evidence in a legal dispute. In a legal dispute, the discovery phase is often an extended period of time after the filing of initial court documents.

The parties in a legal dispute or regulatory matter are required to exchange document evidence (digital or paper), and in turn take the sworn testimony of witnesses through legal steps and phases, and simultaneously prepare the evidence and their arguments for eventual trial or settlement.

The dramatic and ever changing technological shifts in our world today, now make it that most, if not all evidence is digital. These shifts have given rise to a number of significant changes in the legal landscape for lawyers and legal practitioners to better understand technology and make effective use of it in their practices, for a more efficient and cost-effective performance of discovery.

Discovery — is all about finding the information — in order to tell the story.  Lawyers tell, defend and protect their client’s story.  This is fundamentally what ediscovery (electronic discovery) and evidence management is about — finding the story in the data, telling the story, and defending the story.  RGF2DATA can help you find and tell your story!!