Data Management Plan (DMP)

RGF2DATA assists professors, researchers and students prepare and manage DMP’s for all undergraduate or graduate research

All academic grant proposals submitted to the respective agencies are now required to include methodologies that reflect best practices in research data management (RDM). For certain funding opportunities, the agencies will require data management plans (DMPs) be submitted to the appropriate academic agency at the time of application, as outlined in the call for proposals; in these cases, the DMPs will be considered in the adjudication process. DMPs are living documents that can be modified to accommodate changes throughout the course of a research project.

For more information as mandated by CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC click below for the Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy

As as bare minimum all DMPs must follow certain protocol as enumerated below.  The content and length of DMPs depend on the research project, but all DMPs should describe:

  • how data will be collected, documented, formatted, protected and preserved;
  • how existing datasets will be used and what new data will be created over the course of the research project;
  • whether and how data will be shared; and
  • where data will be deposited.