Website Consultant

There are many ways to create/have a website.

I am a website consultant with design/development skills that are leveraged vis-à-vis website templates.

I am NOT a website developer or website coder who creates websites from scratch (coding and html etc) – I instead use website templates by third party services such as Wix, Weebly to name a few. I am part of a community of other website professionals, and when I need higher level assistance I collaborate with coders, and developers to do high level work, and also refer high level work to other coders/developers.

The most affordable way to have a website is by way of the template approach, the most expensive is by way of the coding developer approach done from scratch.

For the average person, the template approach works fine, and if you decide later to spend more money or become more sophisticated, your template website can easily be migrated, cloned and transferred to something else.

We can help you with the template approach for designing your website, where it gives control, and in so doing allow you to move on to someone/something else later on if you so desire.